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Safe and Effective Mosquito Protection For Your Home.

Mosquito Squad is the leader in mosquito abatement because of our proven technique backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are focused on providing the highest quality service to our customers. Our traditional barrier protection offers protection for 21 days from mosquitoes. We have an advanced formula that offers two forms of protection.

Included In Every “Barrier Spray”

    Treatment includes an instant kill to “knock down” the population the day we start. This process can kill as much as 90% of the mosquito population.

    Barrier protection also has a protection that lasts by attaching to the leaves of your plants and continuing to kill mosquitoes when they come in contact with it.

Mosquito Control is an ongoing practice because they will continue to breed. A cap full of water has the ability to breed 1,000,000 mosquitoes, so if you wish to have protection over the entire summer the season long package is the best way to manage your problem. When you sign up for the season you scheduled visits are every 3 weeks apart. We notify all customers before and after each visit to ensure that you are aware of when we will be at your home.

Safe or Pets and Children

Mosquito Squad is approved by the EPA and licensed by the State of Ohio. The products that we are using are not harmful to people or mammals. Our product is designed to affect only small insects. Our treatment kill ticks keeping your pets safe from many diseases. For further protection against ticks ask about our Tick Control.


We live in a wooded area. We have sprayed for mosquitoes for years. I enjoy our back yard but we have not been able to sit out and enjoy it UNTIL this year after having Mosquito Squad treat our yard. BEST INVESTMENT WE HAVE MADE IN ALONG TIME!!!

Ken & Kathy Drinnon

This is the first summer we have been able to enjoy sitting outside by our pool without getting eaten alive! We were so surprised at how great mosquito squad works! Thank you.

Beth Welker

I am now using my back deck more and when I visit other properties I notice the difference right away.

Francis & Barbara Cortez

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